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One day at Roland Garros

Published January 12th, 2013

Being at Tennis French Open Roland Garros is a great moment.

As an individual sport, I think tennis brings naturally focus on personality and feelings of the players.

In addition, at Roland Garros, tennis is played on clay court… slips and dust add some theatrical effects to the play and to pictures ! :)

I shoot more than 1000 shots… (high-volume partly due to burst mode shoot) !

My major issues was :

- Focus

To make players fill the frame, I mainly used my 70-200mm set on max zooming position. I also used an aperture as wide as possible (2.8) to really have a shallow depth of field on the player and make distractions fade in the background. With these settings, depth of field was minimal and a tennis player is moving so fast ! I set my D3s on continuous focus mode and 3D focus mode. It really helps !

- Tack sharp

I usually prefer to freeze actions when shooting sports. And I think it's really better here. Two reasons : first, to freeze clay sent in the air by players footsteps ...

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