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John Deakin

John Deakin



Traveller - Photographer

Winters ducks

Published December 8th, 2012

Today my 600 f/4 was delivered back after a check up at Nikon. It was diagnosed as 'perfect' in the workshop, but to me it certainly seems to have come back sharper, which is wonderful and we are all happy :). I took her to the local lake mid afternoon to check her out and although the images are nothing special it was a super sunny chilly winters day and well worth spending a couple of hours with the ducks watching their antics :).

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A walk in the woods

Published November 14th, 2012

Today was an overcast day, its autumn here in England and I needed some fresh air. What better way to blow out the foggy brain cells than to take a long walk through the woods with my camera. A wood I knew very well as a child growing up on an adjoining farm, but one I had not visited for over 30 years.

I adore my Nikon 135 f/2 lens, however, its a portrait lens and not really a lens to shoot nature, or is it.

Well, it was now a personal challenge to only take this lens with me, on my Nikon D3s atop a manfrotto lightweight carbon fiber tripod and a Kirk BH1 ball head, to try to get some keepers from the walk.

Here are a few of the frames I was happy with.

One frame is a multi (3) exposure shot and another is a frame using a longer shutter speed with some movement of the camera during the exposure.

Not only was it a most enjoyable walk, it was a walk shooting images just for fun and experimentation, using a lens not really made for such outings but it performed admirably.

I ...

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Science Park in Black and White - Valencia

Published November 4th, 2012

The morning was wet, grey, dull and overcast. The thoughts of walking from the hotel to the science park in such drab conditions were not very positive, particularly as photographing the various sci-fi buildings, of which I had seen stunning images of prior to this pit stop stopover from Granada to Barcelona, was the whole point of the visit to Valencia.

With breakfast completed and camera in hand I left the warmth of the hotel and put my best foot forward towards the science park, thinking to myself that if the light didn't improve I would shoot for black and white conversions and try to do my best not to have a wasted trip, with the aim at getting a few keepers in the bag.

My first impression upon entering the general area was one of disappointment as it was not well kept, certainly nothing like the images I had seen previously had portrayed. Carrying on into the heart of the park and inbetween the various buildings it became a much better experience. Eventually my photographers e ...

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