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So far a bust for Astrophotography this year

Published February 22nd, 2012

2012 has been a bummer for astrophotography in South Florida. Not that it's ever great at sea level and 70% humidity, but been particularly murky this winter. About two more months of chances for shots and then it just gets too humid.

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Giving Cameras The Best Autofocus Possible, Aut...

Published October 31st, 2011

Can I post URLs here? SciAm | http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=giving-cameras-the-best-autofocus-p-2011-10 | nope doesn't look like it.

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Hitched a ride to Key West

Published July 18th, 2011

Marcus Pradel gave us a ride to Key West for the day and I got a few cool shots while I was there. From the plane was difficult with reflections, but this one is nice enough for blog section.

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Not Sure how to Shoot Something like this...

Published June 20th, 2011

Amazing yellows and the bark of the tree is actually green, but I'm not sure how to best shoot this. I took lots of photos but it's so dense and tried varying depth of feel and exposure, but none really came out right. Some are 'ok'. Attached a few.

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