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Jonathan Coe

Jonathan Coe



Mountaineer, Climber, Skier, Photographer, Outdoor addict. I hope you enjoy my adventures as much as I do.

Abbot Dreams and Mt Victoria Success

Published October 18th, 2012

It’s not every day that you get to tick off a dream mission from the adventure wishlist. However, this summer has somehow become a bit of a collection of check marks and high-fives that I honestly didn’t think were possible earlier in the spring. I suppose it is a testament to not just setting realistic goals, but also putting in the significant effort required to accomplish them. I started the summer with two main goals: Climbing at least two 11,000’ alpine routes, and leading 5.10b by fall. With Athabasca in the bag (more or less) in May, the next 11,000’ers to come were still a bit up in the air.

After failing miserably on a Whooley/Diadem bid in July, and another failed Mt Joffre trip due to logistics and weather later in the month, I wasn’t sure what the rest of the season would hold for me. It wasn’t until deciding to go with a group to Lake O’hara & Abbot Pass Hut that the idea of Climbing Mt. Victoria crept into the picture, and ultimately became the greatest trip and accompli ...

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A few steps on Athabasca

Published May 25th, 2012

It is really easy to take for granted exactly how amazing this country is. Canada has so many incredible, dramatic places from coast to coast. It’s really a shame that so many who live here will never find the time or motivation to experience all the grandeur this country has to offer. With all it's beauty, I still find the Rockies to be the greatest and grandest that Canada has to offer. I suppose that I might be a bit biased having lived in the West my whole life, but with all its dramatic, violent, and relatively untouched wilderness, it is hard to compete with. Even today, there are still vast swaths of the Rockies that are rarely explored, and some remote but incredible areas such as the Lyell Icefields and Freshfields see only a relative handful of teams each year.

While my own plans to explore the vast remote expanses of ice stretching up the continental divide are probably a year or two off yet, I have definitely got the itch this year to explore some of the slightly less dis ...

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1 Picture.

Published August 23rd, 2011

A good (if far away) friend of mine posted a link to 500px today, showing that one of his awesome pics hit the first page. Inspired, I think to myself: "Wow, great shot! I should create a 500px account and post some of my stuff!".

Fast forward, account set up, profile updated, time to upload some pictures. Well, a quick skim of my portfolio collection reveals nothing too spectacular... so I fire up lightroom to have a browse. 27,231 images in my local library (not including archives and backups). Not a single image that I actually like... nothing that even remotely reminds myself of, well, myself.

Off to my archives... digging through a few hard drives and backups, 2 old Flickr accounts, a few old websites and folders archived away in server land.

1 picture.

Thousands upon thousands of images, 10's of thousands of dollars invested in photography equipment, and 1 picture takes me somewhere. Only 1 photo actually makes me proud of where I've been, and what I've done... taken with a ...

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