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Jonathan Ryan

Jonathan Ryan




We're not in Texas anymore Toto

Published July 30th, 2011

Yesterday was all about getting here. Or rather moaning that my research was inadequate.

Today I actually started pounding the mean streets of South America. I thought I was in Lima but the suburb of Miraflores is actually a little further from the centre of Lima than I anticipated (really, I don't sound that organised do I?) and after hours of walking I still didn't make it to the centre.

Far too many fun things.

All shots on the Fuji X100. I'm growing to like this camera a lot. I shoot it almost exclusively in one of the black and white modes but shoot raw + jpeg so I can drop back to colour if I want.

30/7/11 Day 2 Miraflores etc

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World. Travel her.

Published July 30th, 2011

This blog is about my trip to Peru. We'll visit Lima, spend some time int he rainforest, acclimatise in Cuzco and walk the Salkantay Trail ending up at Macchu Piccu. Due to the conditions en route it's very unlikely I'll get to blog every day but I'll take pictures every day and blog when I can.

29/7/11 Day 1. An 8,000 mile trip.

Today I learnt....

1. Lima is a ridiculously long way from London.

Like crazy far. If you watch 4 movies back to back then you still have a couple of hours to kill before you've made it the 5,000 miles to Houston. Then you change planes and fly for another 6 1/2 hours. That kind of far.

2. Noise cancelling headphones are pretty much worth their weight in gold.

Especially if you have 8,000 miles to fly. That's how you can watch 4 movies back to back.

3. If you delay a plane by several hours and then wheel out a cart of free snacks then you can pretty much recreate Lord of the Flies.

All these pictures were taken in Houston. The plane you can see ...

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