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Project: Semporna

Published June 14th, 2013

The Project : Semporna photography collection is a showcase of breath-taking pictures of various islands off Semporna, a town located in Tawau at the East Coast of Sabah. The striking colours of island features are sharply photographed to illustrate the existence of life on these islands.

Wooden shanties built along the sea shore housed the sea gypsies who have claimed the islands as their home. Their makeshift houses are stark contrast to the golden sandy beaches where they are built on, reflecting old village life on the ‘other side of the neighbourhood’ of Sabah that is truthfully captured by the lenses of a modern camera.

Along the sandy stretched beaches, rows and rows of coconut trees stand proudly tall like ‘cheerleaders’ to the cooling sea breeze. The skies are perfect azure and the sea, mesmerizingly bluish green. Under an old aged tree, children of the islands play wantonly as they wait for their parents to return from a day’s work at sea.

Here, life is a perfect gl ...

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Project : MTK 12

Published June 14th, 2013

The Project : MTK12 collection captures the pinnacle beauty and pride of the Sabah people – the illustrious Mount Kinabalu. A variant of the common trails normal climbers would often take, the project team took the ‘road less travelled’ with the sole purpose to showcase never-before-seen locations and sceneries of the western part of the giant beauty.

Rugged and wild, the treks to Alexandra Peak, Victoria Peak, West Peak and Dewali seemed never ending to the human’s eyes. Secluded from the common travelled trails, the rocky treks boast among one of the many roughest and steepest terrains of Mount Kinabalu. Virgin and wild, the mountain is a beauty to be tamed.

The vertical climb is unforgettable; the view, unimaginable. Tough and wide, strong and mighty, the grandiorite boulders stood proudly tall displaying images of grey bodies, naturally-shaped by the gusty, cold winds of Borneo blowing fiercely for over thousands of years. Along the way to the top, humble wooden huts provide ...

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