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Jonathan Roby

Well, it has happened again: 500px has sent a warning to me about content in my collection that has been determined to be "unsuitable for the community".
Sent: Friday, September 30, 2016 1:16 PM
Subject: 500px | Warning

Hello Jonathan
This email is a warning that we have found content on your account that is not suitable for 500px. We have made this content private and saved it in your Library. We do not allow material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity. You can read our full content guidelines here. Please go to to delete any unsuitable content.
If we continue to find unsuitable material on your account, it may result in your account being banned. If you have any questions, contact us at
Here is my response:
In response to your notification; I would like for the administrator editors of 500px [hereafter to be referred to as "the site"] to point out specifically which content they have deemed unacceptable - Show me the exact file, please. Point it out to me.
This being my "second" warning, I would like to know which file is in violation. At least, this time you didn't "make private" my entire collection regardless of subject matter. Ordinarily I would say: fine, I made a mistake, but a quick perusal of other images on the site that happen to fall into the category of "Male Nude", led me to find no less than about 17 images that both specifically and explicitly display unmistakably erect penises and treat them as the main subject- many of these images have been present on the site since some time before I uploaded my first images; I know this because I searched the category of "Male Nude" prior to my first upload. Male nudes comprise a sizable portion of my work.
I will not now, nor will I at any time in the future point these artists out to you because if you can find content in my collection that is deemed to be not suitable for the community, then you [administrator editors] are certainly capable of finding much more than I did in approximately 7 minutes. I have not even touched on the number of clear and explicit images of fingers, faces and devices being inserted into vaginal openings on the site.
I have displayed no insertions of any kind.
I cannot help but feel singled out by this state of affairs considering, as I stated above, all of the images that have come before me and still remain. If my content is not wanted on the site for whatever unspoken reason, I can remove it, but I will not accept the notion that it is because what I have posted is too explicit for community standards when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
Jonathan Roby [Jonitron]
At least, this time they left the rest of my content alone, but if the innocuous images that I've posted here have ruffled someone's feathers, even though there is much more on the site that is more explicit and has been here for a much longer time than I have, it may be time to completely re-assess my association with this platform.

It shouldn't take a month and a half for my images to disappear after I've deleted them.

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