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Published September 5th, 2013

If Ryan Gosling drives, I cruise



I've always wanted to document the experience of a night cruise, ever since I started driving, and ever since I started photography and film. There's just a beauty to the experience that I believe few have captured.

When I was young, my parents would frequently take me on road trips, and we would drive at night because the roads were clearer. It was then that I developed my love for night drives. They became an indicator of adventure to me, and I would look forward to them.



At night, everything takes on a different persona. Everything is still, calm, and peaceful. It's a time when everyone else is resting, and you have all the space to yourself. Everything becomes clearer, and it's a time to reflect. The deepest of thoughts and strongest of emotions come out at night time.



When you drive through the city, lights and reflections dance off the windshield and sheet metal as if to create a spectacle. The rain droplets reflect and refract light in a way that can never be replicated in day.



All you can see is what your headlamps illuminate, and all that matters is what's ahead.



The engine creates a subdued hum that is just so relaxing. The sound of the tires whirring remind you that you are moving forward. And the suspension lets through just enough road imperfections to remind you that you are on a road.



The film 'Cruise' is a short snippet in two people's lives; they both take a night drive to meet up together. The story is deliberately open-ended: you can interpret a sad ending if you're a pessimist, or interpret a happy ending if you're an optimist. They could be former lovers coming to terms with their situation, or they could be current lovers coming together to spend time together. The only definite part of the story is that there's deliberation in their actions: there's a purpose to their meeting.



I would like to thank everyone involved who helped make this short film happen. Firstly, Freeyon and Zara who signed on very last minute. You two did great adapting to new and unpredictable circumstances during the shoot. Secondly, thanks Haley for all the camerawork during the shoot, and managing all the camera equipment. Kenneth deserves applause for driving the camera vehicle and working the lighting equipment. Lastly, Daniel for helping out with odds and ends and making sure everything runs smoothly. This project meant a lot to me and I greatly appreciate what you all have done to help make it happen.

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