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Jordan Cortese

Jordan Cortese



Photographer, cinematographer, and passionate media enthusiast. From an early age I immersed myself not only in media but the arts as well and it's powerful use as a communicator of ideas and messages. As a pursuer and forever-learning student of media my goal is to utilize my skills as a means to impact lives and communities in meaningful ways.

Photo Essay: The DeGrasia Family

Published April 6th, 2013

Almost a year later after Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast, Nelson and Sharon DeGrasia are just starting the journey of recovery for them and their home on Edgewater Park in the Bronx. Located right on the water, the DeGrasia home was severely flooded with nearly three feet high water swells rushing through their home. The house sustained severe damage which has led to a multitude of issues for them. Because of unforeseen circumstances, the recovery efforts have been slow, difficult, and throughout the year they have been met with more obstacles rather then forward change. While the recovery efforts across the city have been swift and effective, there are still many areas such as Edgewater Park in the Bronx that have seen very little help and assistance in recovering from the storm. Nelson gave me a tour around the neighborhood and the damage to the homes and lives of the residents was dreadful to witness. There were decks held up by cement blocks, roofs torn apart, homes uninhabi ...

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