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Wild Weather in Perth

Published August 6th, 2011

WOW, what a week we have had in Perth. 7 cold fronts have come through Perth over the last week or so. That's right 7 This is the winter we have been looking forward to for a number years. We have had a few too many winters in a row now where the rainfall has been a bit pathetic to say the least. A small weather phenomenon by the name of La Nina has been the culprit. Today is the first day in over a few weeks where there is not a cloud in the sky. It is a glorious winters day. Though we have been told not to get use to it, as another series of cold fronts are due to hit the SW corner of Western Australia over the coming days. I say bring on the rain and let winter pour all over us.



As the front passed over, I got this shot of a CG strike over Burns Beach

  • July 27th, 2011
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • 24mm / f/22 / 10 sec

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