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To a donator

Published February 22nd, 2012

Allan who signed up got this letter:

Hi Allan

I'm glad that you will rally around this project.

With regard to the guidelines, all categories will be represented - ie. if you send me a picture + transfer of copyrights - eg. landscapes - it will be put into the category - Landscapes

The plan for online auction are the following:

For example. your picture - will be completed in 5 different sizes (the agreement is not quite finished yet, but will hopefully be a reality within the next week)

10x15 which is the smallest version of your image and the minimum initial bid sum example. $ 1 - corresponding to approx. 6 DKR.

20x 25


And ending with a magnitude called 70x100 starting with the highest bid amount of approx. 50 Dollar equivalent to - 300 DKR.

Since it is an auction with many pictures, there will obviously be many who do not sell well, and also a lot that could bring large sums of money - so I have contacted the Danish branch of Price Waterhouse Cooper which can establish contacts with others of their department and assist in handling the given resources from the auction site, my hope is that they want to sponsor this handling of the good matter.

I am contacting on a daily base Camera Manufacturers, accessories manufacturers and many large and small businesses to get them to participate in this project.

Since, I am the project director and copyright holder to the idea - it's also me who decides what organizations should be part of the hopefully huge collection - (think actually now that I can begin to predict that the end goal would exceed my wildest expectations)

Curiously, in the last few days I have been greeted by the question "What you earn on this idea," my immediate response to that is:

"Nothing, I believe the for better in people, and I'm blessed that I live in the country without wars, famine, abuse by governments and others. And that I, despite the fact that the situation for me at the moment looks bleak, no prospect for work immediately, my wife fell seriously ill with cancer.

Yes it's been my mission to accomplish something not only for myself but a lot of people "

Of course I hope that some of the companies I'm in touch with are prepared to make a donation to me either help with any travel costs, administration and distribution costs. Camera manufacturers, I want to support with donations of prize donations for the best selling photographers, and for the first 100 best selling photographs. And a great hope that they support me with better photographic equipment in the form of good optics, better camera, accessories and more.

In addition, I hope that my initiative and pioneering spirit or entreprenuer will help to ensure that there is some company out there that think "The man has a drive - a little out of the ordinary - I wonder if our company could not use this drive?"

The plan is also to organize a world exhibition in Copenhagen, partly to attract tourists and attention around the city and its possibility in the Øresund Region.

There are many things to fall into place, and I hope in a very big supprot from both public offices es and private companies and hope that I can use their network and draw interest from the parent / subsidiaries abroad in order to raise further interest in the idea.

For your reference, I can tell you that we are now approaching 600 members who will participate, and I would recommend that you create a membership at 500px and will participate in a big world of experiences.

I look unbelievable to see your pictures from Australia and New Zealand - which for me is a place I would like to visit and much like with a / or cameras in hand.

Mark your favorites as what is going on auction, along with your biography, address, etc etc. Your name / signature please write in a font no larger than that it does not interfere with your picture on the right side.


Jørn Berg Lund

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