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Jørn Berg Lund

Jørn Berg Lund



Please visit the WPDWA - to have a look at donated images from world photographers etc. from the 500px community -and others. Help the project and donate images for this World Event - contact me Founder of WPDWA - World Photographers Donation for World Aid, Located in Copenhagen, Denmark If you want to be a part of the WPDWA - Please write me an e-mail and I'll send you information on how your image can help people in need. Please sign up for newsletter from WPDWA - WPDWA supports the The Danish Cancer Foundaion Photographers can donate photos to benefit charity and research into cancer. Asking for information please use my email and I'll send you more information right away. I have been warned not to make notification on the WPDWA project - in my comments - ok - I won't - but please do keep track of me in my website From childhood to adult life I have always interested me for pictures and stories told through pictures. An attractive portrait of an old lady, where life oozes through her eyes is for me the ultimate experience and empathy in a story. Are not for the staged photograph but loook at the world as it is, great, amazing, beautiful, raw and brutal. Love the technology behind a great photography and am deeply humbled by the love to the images, I see through other photographers' works. Love the digital technology - it makes you able to capture the moment - here and now Started to photograph as 6 years old and since gone through many educational years, with many mistakes, and not at least with many surprising results and still seeking to learn and develop myself. A long life with pictures and fortunately for me it's not over yet. I hope that pictures gives me even more great experiences through the terrific technique that is available in digital photo technology. Where ever I go I always have a camera - to capture the moment - either the big ones or the small pocket camera - thats also the reason for some differences in quality. Please contact me in email - Do have a run through my sets ! With photographic greeting Jørn Berg Lund Lates news: Hello my friends and thank you for you votings - I have been away for some time due to my wifes terminal cancer. she died on me at the 12th of November and left me with a big gab of loss. May her soul be alive for ever. Thanks again my friends Founder WPDWA Jørn Berg Lund
  • Canon EOS 50D
  • Canon EOS 5D
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • 17-85, 50/1.4,30/1.4
  • 100-400mm Canon EF L USM /f.4.0
  • Canon EOS 430,580;ST-E2,

Why I started the WPDWA - World Photographers D...

Published April 24th, 2014

Three yrs. ago my beloved wife was diagnosed with bone cancer. This was like a roller coaster having this severe illness into our small family. Since then my wife have been in OR for more than 2 times with difficult operations in her spine. She is now a terminal patient and time will have to show for how long I have my beautiful wife.

At the point when she was diagnosed - I had to have a sanctuary away from illness - and because of my life long love for stories told through images I found that a place where photographers from around the world could donate some of their great work to benefit charity and aid. This was the first unstable steps to create the WPDWA.

Now more than 700 photographers from around the world have indicated that they will be a part of the WPDWA

400 already done donation in form of some of their great images - many from the 500px community

See the WPDWA website here :

We were married same year - and is about to celebrate her 60th birthday and I ...

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The Vintage Camera in Auction is sold

Published April 24th, 2014

In the Voucher Shop -

I had put an inherited vintage camera from my uncle for sale in auction - yesterday it hit at DKK 750,00 and the donation income from this auction is about to be wired for the Danish MSF as a donation from the WPDWA to help people in need

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Let us help thoose who are in need

Published March 23rd, 2014

I have had an overwhelming attention to my work with images. Many thanks for that - if I could attract Your attention to my project WPDWA

World Photographers Donation for World Aid - I would be very grateful.

Let us help the people who are subject to torture, war, violence, weather phenomena

Jørn Berg Lund

Founder of WPDWA

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Invitation to join the WPDWA project - World Ph...

Published November 13th, 2013

The WPDWA project was started in 2012 out of love for stories told through images. Founder Jørn Berg Lund have always been a lover of the still images - and love an instant story told at the moment he looks at a photography - you can also be a part of the project.

Contact me as 400 other world photographers already done - more than 700 indicated that they will be a part of this world event to help people in need.

Look at the site for more information, look at the donated images section to see other photographers donation for the project.

You can let your workplaces, colleges, family and friends knowing about the project and help me to attract more people and mayne this lead to more sales of donated images to benefit MSF - Doctors Without Borders.

Look here:

Best regards Founder Jørn Berg Lund

WPDWA, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Viktor Tatran made a great new donation for the...

Published July 31st, 2013

Viktor Tatran owner of the Tatran Photography made a new donation today for the project - to benefit aid organization -MSF - see his donation in the website

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