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Lost History: Boone Station, Kentucky

Published October 6th, 2013

On one of these recent trips, I traveled to Boone Station. As one of the pivotal early settlements (Boone's second Kentucky home, 1779-1782; in existence, 1776-1791), I expected something more dignified than what I found. I found decay, collapse, and abandonment. In an odd sort of way, this mirrors the loss of the Boones' claim, but it is a shame to watch such a piece of history whither away in such a fashion.

Despite the decay, I have attempted to document as much as I can, and I am sharing it here in the earnest hope that archeological and preservation efforts will extend beyond mowing the grass periodically.

Ghost Roadmap

Not much archeology has been accomplished recently, but this is the only summary of information at the site. (Scan of the 35mm negatives)

Boone Monument

A record from 1967 of the Boone family during the revolutionary era.

Lonely Barrel

An abandoned barrel near the picnic area.

Forlorn Tables

The picnic area has fallen into a state of some disrepair. (Scan of the 35mm negatives)

Looking North

Looking across the north field from a spot near the recreational area. (Scan of the 35mm negatives)

The Tree Cluster

The tree cluster at the center of the north field. (Scan of the 35mm negatives)

Stockade Wreckage

This appears to be the overgrown wreckage of a stockade or cabin replica. (Scan of the 35mm negatives)

Monument Pasture

The scenery around the monument (Scan of the 35mm negatives)

Up the Valley

It looks like the hay bales are the only signs of activity here. (Scan of the 35mm negatives)


The perspective from near the road. (Scan of the 35mm negatives)

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