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Journi Roe Photography

Journi Roe Photography



Chele, of Journi Roe Photography, is an artist & fine art photographer, specializing in conceptual portraiture, abandoned buildings, and moodscapes. She loves to create images that convey a mood or tell a story. She is also a Writer and a charcoal and pastel Artist. After spending a couple of years on hiatus from city life, she moved to Long Beach, WA, two miles from the Pacific Ocean, where she developed a taste for telling stories through her photographs. Her style is best described as “emotional,” “atmospheric,” and “nostalgic,” brought to fruition with a very specific and continued emphasis on beautiful details unnoticed by most, forgotten buildings, and moments lost. Chele resides in Washington state near the ocean and is looking forward to moving back to the big city. *A personal Letter from the Artist… Hello everyone, I’ve often been asked where the name “Journi Roe” Photography came from, what it means, and why I chose it to represent my company. So, here it is… I had sat down one day to write the notes for a young adult series scratching at my brain. I had written the notes and decided I would write under an alias for the series considering the genre was different than I normally wrote in. I was instantly drawn to the name “Journey” and being an artist, I had to change it up to be unique. Later that day, the name “Roe” came to me. Now, to know me personally, you know I am constantly looking for inspiration, things which touch my heart and soul, and I often “stumble” across quotes, art, poems, songs, etc., right when I “need” them. Needless to say, the notes are still tucked away for the story because “Journi Roe” turned into something much more intense to me. The name alone represented the unique journey my life was on, and how I was making my own path, walking down my own “row.” If it all sounds dreamy and whimsical, it is. I’m an artist who’s soul thrives on the artistry, elegance, and allurement of all things our glamorous universe has to offer. Photographs are each frozen moments, and when you look into them they become stories. Full of emotion and full of life like the essence captured in a mystical bottle. They are quiet, tattered, forgotten, emotional, beautiful. I felt it appropriate to name my company Journi Roe Photography after my personal epiphany and the metaphor it represented. My greatest passion as a photographer and artist is to create imagery that will stir something up in your soul. I want to evoke a dormant memory, or relay a lingering message. I believe that imagery can be therapeutic to the ill, can inspire the uninspired, spark heart-searing passion, and can save the lost. I believe that because it has done that for me, on all accounts. Sharing my journey with others, and them with me, is simply a bonus as I walk down my row. -Chele

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