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2012 High Park Cherry Blossom

Published April 18th, 2012

I went on a photowalk to High Park last week with Shutterbugs people. Sadly this was actually my first time going there while the cherry blossoms were still remaining intact on the trees, because I was always busy for final exams during this particular period of time every year. Despite the fact it was on a weekday, I was a bit surprised that there were still quite many people. I wasn’t going to come but I’m glad I did as there have been some family issues going on lately, so I guess this photowalk may have comforted my mind a bit more than other people.

Everything here was shot by using GF1 and 25mm lens.

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New to 500px

Published August 9th, 2011

I decided to join because I never got a flickr XD...

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