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Jonathan Jones

Fashion photographer based in Paris. I mostly do Look-Books for Fashion blogs & Portraits. During a look books photo-shoot I do lifestyle, portraits and accessories shots. I make sure that the look is covered in about 6 to 8 photos before to get them published on a blog. In my work I always try to keep in mind to whom we are trying to appeal. And keep my photos as natural as possible.

My love of the pictures came from my father who has always loved it. From a young age photography fascinated me. Born in the late 80's, I have seen the evolution of cameras from 35mm to digital today. The evolution of the material has also changed my view on the practice of photography. Because we have lost track each time you press the shutter we had a photo less. Now the film being a memory card with a huge capacity, we can take lots of pictures and sort them later, we no longer pay attention to the present moment.

I started digital photography in late 2010 with the purchase of my first DSLR (Nikon D90). I started with Street-photography, in the streets of Paris, and I have all immediately understood what I was looking in photography. With street photography I can capture unique moment in people's lives and genuine expressions. In my portrait I love creating smooth genuine expressions, and ask my model to avoid looking at me directly.

I do not consider myself an amateur photographer or professional photographer. I'm just a big passionate with lots of knowledge about the field of photography, who wishes to share his art with other people who simply want to learn more.