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Fujifilm & the streets

Published November 12th, 2013

Let's start by saying that some of you may wonder on the title. To be a bite more clear , I'm a street photographer here in Paris , and I'll give you a review and tips on how to best use the Fuji X series cameras. Especially the X20 that I use.

So may of all notice that for a while now Fuji has released what they call their X-premium cameras. Some have wonder , and some May still wonder what their worth on the job. Well like all camera it will depend on many thing. First the size of your wallet , and if that is not a problem then it will depend on the one you chose. "Yes " the Fuji X is not that new camera that will give you the perfect shot all the time with Hight Res and all that. ( here I will only refer to the X100, X100s, X10,X20 and X-pro1 , which are all consider rangefinder / viewfinder cameras. And I'll leave on the side the X-E1 , X-M1 and X-A1. " did here much on then for the moment.

If you like big and HR , with exchangeable lens go for the X-Pro1 (1200€). You will ...

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Paris In a Square in 50 photos

Published November 4th, 2013

This project is a mix of street, monuments, life and details that took life in my head just a few moths ago (April 2013).

Every started when I got my fuji X20 for my 25th birthday in April of this year (2013). My friends bought it for me, even if I would have like a fuji X100s it was out of budget for them. So they went for the X20. I started using it and going trough out the menu and all the different effects it could do. And I come across the Tilt Shift effect that is normally use to make landscape, Urban and more look like if it was miniature. And to do so you usually take some height to capture the scene from the top. And with the button and top blur to give you this look of miniature feeling.But I didn't wants to use it like this.I want it to use it to make street photography in a different kind of way.

I wanted to guide the viewers eye to the Center part of the image.And by using the tilt shift effect I was able to do that just as I image it.

Then since I started doing phot ...

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Ignorance of poverty in our own country

Published February 16th, 2013

To day for me what needs to change is the ignorance of poverty in our own country.Must of the people know it exist , know it is here. But many of them just choose to ignore it.

Those homeless people are the one getting ignore by society. There live in our street, feed from our waist, and dress with our old cloths we decide to trow away. Most of them did choose this life. Their just didn’t have any choice.

Now a day people think that if their not looking at them, if their not giving them any attention, that their will disappear like their did not exist.This is wrong. It is not by avoiding a problem, that you make it disappear.

homeless people are not asking much. But when they say hello, their just wait for an answer .To feel that they still exist, that their will always be a part of this world we live in. Their do not expect much from people passing in front of them all day long. Some just tell them they are hungry, it does not need money, just a little something to put in their st ...

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10 Need to know bases in street photography

Published January 27th, 2013

1/Gear doesn't matter

Use your phone, compact camera or DSLR. Chose the tool you are at ease with when doing photos in the streets. Some say smaller is better, others don't.At the end it is your choice. Because what counts is not the gear but the picture taken.

2/Too colorful is too noticeable.

When you go in the street to take some street photography don't dress up with too flashy colors like red, bright green, even yellow. Go out with darker colors like brown , navy bleu which are less noticeable. And it will enable you to blend in the crowed. Also since you will be nearly invisible people will less/or not notice that you are taking their picture.

3/Too long is no Good.

In street photography even if gear does not matter, we say that wider is better. So with your camera you should shoot at no more than a 50mm. Some time we do shoot with a longer lens but that is because there is an exception everywhere. If we are saying not to shoot with a longer lens than a prime 50mm ( prime = ...

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Why I'm doing street photography

Published January 22nd, 2013

To start I'll introduce my self.

So my name is Jonathan Jones. I'm a British street photographer born and raise in Paris, with my english mum. I was born in 88, so I'm a child of the 90's. I always loved taking picture since I was little. I started with toy camera, than film camera, saw the first digital camera appear and use them. I got this passion from my dad who also loved photography and was shooting film with an old Minolta.

Then My dad past away in 2002 and I continued to take picture while going on holidays and everything.But wasn't the same.And with me getting older I had to concentrate on my " Bac à laureat " the equivalent of the A level in England that you pass when you between 17-18 years old.Then started college and all this.

But in late 2010 my bother wanted a DSLR for he's birthday because he was going to travel. So I bought him a Nikon D5000. And since I was the one in the family who knew most about photography a taught him how to use it. And when he wasn't using it ...

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