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1/Gear doesn't matter

Use your phone, compact camera or DSLR. Chose the tool you are at ease with when doing photos in the streets. Some say smaller is better, others don't.At the end it is your choice. Because what counts is not the gear but the picture taken.

2/Too colorful is too noticeable.

When you go in the street to take some street photography don't dress up with too flashy colors like red, bright green, even yellow. Go out with darker colors like brown , navy bleu which are less noticeable. And it will enable you to blend in the crowed. Also since you will be nearly invisible people will less/or not notice that you are taking their picture.

3/Too long is no Good.

In street photography even if gear does not matter, we say that wider is better. So with your camera you should shoot at no more than a 50mm. Some time we do shoot with a longer lens but that is because there is an exception everywhere. If we are saying not to shoot with a longer lens than a prime 50mm ( prime = fixe focal length ) is because after the photo will most likely lose it's street feeling to it and it's proximity to the subject. Most of the time we use prime lenses like a 24mm, 35mm, or 50mm. This way we get closer to our subject, and you can feel it when looking at the picture.

4/Don't be scared.

Some people wonder what will happened if their get to close to some one to take their picture. Well be reassured 99,99% of the time nothing will happen.People will just wonder what just happened, or even look behind them to see what you were photographing, without knowing it was them.

And For the 00,01% resting lets say that if it happens to you, well bad luck.But in that case try to speak and explain what your doing.And normally everything will go back to normal and you will be fine.

5/No hiding.

When doing street photography do not hide from the persons you are taking a picture of.It is maybe the worse thing to do if you want to get in trouble. Just walk the street like everyone else. And when you see a picture worth taking, well take it. And because your are not hiding and look like everyone else you will not get into trouble.

6/You are not on a Safari.

For street photography do not take a huge camera bag with you. Your not going for a safari. You just need a small bag , even a back pack will do, to put your camera away if you want and to carry one or two extra lenses with you. But do not use a camera bag that looks like one, that way you will blend in and be lighter to walk.

7/Fast thinking.

It's not because it is street photography that you do not have to try to make a good composition. The only thing is that on the street you have to think quickly about it. And you are the one who has to move if you want to change it. It has to be fast thinking because on the street things happens in a second.

8/Train you eye.

One of the first thing you must do is to train your eyes to see the things happening on the streets. You have to continuously look around you to see what's going on. If you manage to do it, then you will be able to anticipate a situation before it happens. And learn also that the street can be look at from your point of view but also from above and under.

9/Never without.

You never know when something interesting is going to happen, so my advice, well every street photographer advice and photographer, is to always carry a camera with you. Even if it's not the one you usually use for street. Everyone got a camera on their phones now a days. And that way you will never be out with out a way to take a picture and will be less likely to miss a good opportunity.

10/Forget all.

Once you Have understand all those things, forget them and try new ways to do street photography. Find your own way and your own style. And this you are the only one who can do it for you.

Ps: If you have any question e-mail me @ jtjones@me.com

"Photography is an art / Street photography also"

Why did I come?

On the christmas market normally people are looking , trying to choose what there buying. But not this man. He is here standing still in the middle of a crowded street and not moving from an inch.Like if he is wondering or thinking.

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