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"Go above and beyond your own expectations. Picture the road ahead as an adventure into beauty and elegance. Enjoy each moment and let it enchant your mind, body and soul." jlc

I wrote this quote/mantra, because I feel it relates to the Land Rover brand and it is how I view the world. Going above and beyond your own expectations produces excellence. When I don't think I can find anything to photograph, I push myself to get out and find the beauty of the land, even if it is in my own yard. Everyday can be a new adventure. There is beauty to behold around each turn, down each road, and right in front of you. I look at my surroundings and see it as a picture. Seeing all the wonderful elements of the land, water and sky, totally enchants my mind, body and soul.

Go Above and Beyond

Be a leader, not just not part of the pack. Take off and go above and beyond your own expectations. Many may follow you, show them the way to excellence!

The Road Ahead

Picture the road ahead as a pathway to adventure.

Enjoy Each Moment

Play until the sun goes down!

Enchant Your Mind, Body and Soul

Take time to soak in the wonder and beauty of a simple sunset.

Enjoying the View From My Front Yard

I stepped out into my front yard on this cool crisp evening. The sunset was mellow, the mood was calm, as I watched the cows go home. I was thankful for viewing something beyond my expectations.

Morning Has Broken

A new day, a new adventure begins.

Around the Bend

Every road has a story. Rove over the rugged land and explore!

Down the Road

The elegant lines of the road lead you on your journey and to your destination.

  • September 11th, 2011
  • DSLR-A500
  • 50mm / f/10 / 1/800 sec

Right In Front of Me

Right in front of me, lies a path and a multitude of opportunities. .

Land Water Sky

As I look upon the reflection, I realize the land, the water and sky totally enchant my mind, body and soul. I breathe in the wonder, and fill my senses with the moment. Another day, another adventure in beauty and elegance has presented itself. I capture the moment and I'm happy my minds eye sees the world as one big gorgeous photograph.

Now go out and have an excellent adventure!

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