Published June 2nd, 2012


by Judy Lynn Malloch

"... match me such a marvel, save in Eastern clime

A rose-red city, half as old as time.”

"Petra" by John William Burgon, 1845

There was nothing that could have prepared me for the sight I was about to see as our bus rounded the last curve at the end of a 2-3 hour trip from Amman, Jordan. Suddenly, the towering, majestic mountains of ancient Petra appeared before us. I was numb and overwhelmed, to say the least.

Petra is literally half as old as time itself. Thirty million years ago, a series of cataclysms occurred when the Arabian geological plate separated from Africa, forming the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba and the Jordan Valley. This created incredible, wild mountains on either side of a vast depression known as the Rift Valley. This valley is often referred to as the Valley of Moses in the Bible.

Petra is an incredibly beautiful city that was carved out of rock by the Nabataean Arabs back in 106 A.D. They were very creative engineers. Not only did th ...

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