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Jeff Preletz

Jeff Preletz



Thank all of you for your generous support. It is truly appreciated. And I learn so much by studying your photos as well. What a gratifying experience! I received my first camera about 35 years ago as a birthday present from my musician parents. I don't remember the brand, but it was an all manual 35mm SLR with a little needle in the viewer which worked inaccurately as a light meter. I carried a pad and pencil around to document each frame: ISO setting, f-stop, shutter speed and environmental conditions. The learning curve was expensive and slow. I was an early adopter of DSLRs, even though the first models had frustrating limitations relative to their film counterparts. But the EXIF info documented each frame and it was cheap to process images. Being a technical kind of guy, post processing digitally quickly became the 2nd half of my photography, whereas I never invested in a dark room with my film cameras. I enjoy a broad range of art, which I think is reflected in my photography. Sometimes, I'll go out on a 'shoot' and just capture landscapes, or wildlife, or monuments. But mostly, I capture what appeals to me at the time. Some days I 'see' the frame in my mind. Other days I'm completely surprised by the result. Photography has become perhaps the most enduring, enjoyable pursuit in which I indulge - all thanks to a gift 35 years ago that keeps giving to this day.
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