What kinds of pictures are there?

Published February 16th, 2014

I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee, so much these ramblings may not pass a first edit any other time of day. But I started off by wondering what types of photography there are. I don't mean so much fashion, landscape, wildlife, etc...

I'm thinking more about style. I've spent a lot of time on 500px lately looking at and voting on pictures - probably thousands of them. My first glance is always the most critical. But after that, I try to delve into the mind behind the camera. What motivated someone to take that precise shot?

That is not always an easy question to answer. I'm sure a good number of you have wondered (I know I have) how *some* images make it high in the rankings and showered with applause, while others (specifically mine) tend to lay rather stagnant in the lower echelon. It's not that I'm bitter (usually). But it certainly reinforces the idea that there is a quality that exists in photography which may not be immediately visible to the amateur.

I bother to study photo ...

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