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Returning to studio work

Published January 21st, 2014

After a serious life threatening accident back in January 2012 I am slowly returning to photography and studio work especially.

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iPhone 4s vs. Canon 5D Mark II

Published December 4th, 2011

Recently Annie Leibovitz recommended the new iPhone 4S as "the snapshot camera of today". Photographer Katherine Rose put the phone's camera through its paces to see how it would fare in comparison with the Canon 5D mkii she uses profesionally

Taken from the UK Guardian Newspaper:


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HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera on YouTube

Published November 23rd, 2011

The first stocks of the new ILFORD PINHOLE PHOTOGRAPHY KIT featuring the HARMAN TiTAN PINHOLE CAMERA were shipped to UK photographic dealers from 24th October 2011. Several dealers then reported that they had sold out within 48 hours, and placed further orders. Such has been the interest in the HARMAN TiTAN since the prototype was first shown at Focus on Imaging exhibition earlier this year that several hundred Kits are now on back order. The cameras are manufactured in the UK by Walker Cameras. Mike Walker is working flat out to satisfy demand from enthusiasts all around the world that will take several months to catch up; meanwhile new batches are being shipped as they become available. Anyone keen to secure a kit should place an order with his or her chosen dealer; this will ensure they secure a camera when stocks arrive.Steven Brierley, Director of Sales and Marketing at HARMAN technology said, “The interest that the HARMAN TiTAN camera has generated has been overwhelming for us. O ...

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Apple iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to be larger

Published November 21st, 2011

Apple is taking a different tack from its rivals, moving away from creating slimmer and slimmer gadgets – it's planning to release a thicker iPad 3 with better specs and an iPhone 5 with a bigger screen.

If gadgets got any smaller we’d lose them more readily than Amazon lost its UK shipping forms for the Kindle Fire – so Apple has decided to add a super bright 2048x1536px Retina Display in the iPad 3, lit with dual LED-light bars, at a cost of an extra 0.7mm added to the body. The iPhone 5 is also set for a size boost, jumping up 8mm in length to house a rumoured 4in screen.

iLounge’s source, a trusted insider, claimed that both devices will need the extra room for LTE functionality – not a great concern for this 4G-free nation of the UK. Although if there’s also a bigger LTE-supporting battery that gives more than a single day’s life, a bit of extra size isn’t a bad thing.

Taken from:


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New Nikon D800?? 36MP, 60fps at 720p

Published November 21st, 2011

The new D800 DLSR from Nikon will be packing 36MP and 1080p/30fps video skills, your tireless commitment to camera-flavoured rumours shall be rewarded. Just in time to gear up the hype machine to full strength, here are some new pics of what's thought to be the D800, dug up by Nikon Rumours.

The updated (but still unconfirmed) spec list includes the same Auto Focus included on the D3 and D700, a 60fps at 720p option for video, larger display and a smaller, lighter body than its predecessor. Oh, and don't forget the 7360x4912 resolution shots that the D800's 36MP sensor can handle.

Feast your eyes on front and rear views of the upgraded DSLR but be warned, we still haven't got any official details or a launch date. Never mind, the pics will distract us for another week or so.

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Ruined Pictures

Published November 18th, 2011

I just love this page.

It details some of those pictures that you see, normally on Facebook, where someone has tried to look all sexy and model-like......without realising what is in the background.


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Saber Strip

Published November 16th, 2011

Saw this though a separate link: http://www.saberstrip.com/ but looks like an interesting and relatively cheap addition to softboxes...?!?!

Taken from their website:

The SaberStrip is a durable light modifier created for modern speed lights. Its body is built with military grade phenolic tube for unmatched weight and strength. The face of the strip is covered with racing grade, high-tension spinnaker cloth. SaberStrip’s ABS plastic base securely holds and protects your flash within the modifier (check for flash compatibility). Brass and stainless steel hardware keep the foundation of the SaberStrip firmly in place.

Utilizing the optics of your flash, the SaberStrip molds and shapes light output. The diffusion panel (2.25×29 inches), covers an internal reflector. SaberStrip channels and evenly distributes the light of the flash through its cylindrical shape. SaberStrip is built for a hot shoe adapter or a TTL cable to allow the use of wireless or wired triggering systems. This permits ...

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Published November 15th, 2011

I saw this link on another site, and whilst it tugs at the heart strings it also shows off the real purpose of photography...MEMORIES


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