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Justin Grimm

Justin Grimm



Canadian Rockies Photographer Lessons - Tours - Prints - Licensing Direct email : Throughout my life I have always had multiple outlets where I developed my creativity. It seems I was never content unless there was a drawing to finish, an elaborate robot design underway, a hand built cabinet to sand smooth, or a tropical aquarium to plant. No matter the project, I was always on the pursuit of perfection, while constantly looking on the horizon for the next big project I would undertake. Hardly different then photography. Planning trips to amazing destinations, drawing the blueprints of a composition in my mind, capturing that very brief display of epic light, and polishing the image once back at home. What started as a hobby in early 2013, landscape photography has exploded into a full blown passion of mine. The idea of traveling the world to witness incredible moments of nature, while creating fine art along the way, has completely engulfed my thoughts and aspirations. After a lifetime of practicing constant learning and improvement, I take especially great pride in the quality of my images. I use the newest and most advanced photography techniques out in the field, and back home in digital darkroom, to meet the high standards I set for myself. It all sounds very technical and complicated, but when loosing yourself in a highly detailed and vibrant piece of art, it should all make perfect sense. The images you see on my website all represent the very fortunate intersection of preparation, physical effort, natural conditions, and luck. The desire to permanently capture these fleeting moments of nature to the best of my ability, in my own unique way, keeps my camera on the horizon.
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