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Julian Wissmann

Julian Wissmann



The awesome stuff happens around us every day, why not take pictures of it? I'm a software engineer and photography is my hobby. It is a my way of remembering, staying focused and relaxing. If you like my photos thats great and if you have anything to add, maybe something useful for me to improve feel free to express that.
  • Canon EOS 40D
  • Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4
  • Tamron SP70-300mm F4-5.6
  • Sigma AF 400 mm F5.6 APO
  • Pentacon 1.8/50mm
  • Sigma EX Makro 70 mm F/2.8
  • KATA backpack
  • Metz mecablitz
  • Gorillapod

Early in the morning

Published July 7th, 2012

I'm not a morning person and usually quite passionate about not getting up before 800 in the morning. That said I usally don't get up early in the morning to take pictures. Sadly this also means, that I don't get to take pictures during what probably is the best time to take them. Sometimes a good moment shows, though. Last night I was having a bottle of wine with a friend. We talked about this and that and suddenly it was 4:00am. Not being tired at all and seeing a few promising clouds outside (that didn't turn out as good as hoped) I decided to pick up my camera and go to the river. Thirty minures later, I was there just as the sun began rising.

The water was pretty muddy and unusually high, due to the shitty weather we've had the last few weeks, but the paths along the river were still mostly good. First stop black and white, then by the old quarry. There's usually a pair of woodpeckers there, but I've never quite gotten them in front of the camera. This morning they didn't even see ...

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Published March 14th, 2012

Don't trust google maps when you go hiking. Ever. We had great weather last week, I'd just moved to the area last winter, so last week I basically had to go out hiking to get a feel for the area. I'd gotten some hiking and biking maps of the area some time last fall, but couldn't find them when I went looking, so I decided, those 20km round trip on google maps sounded good enough - after all a man has got to have some sense of orientation.

Asked a few friends, one of them was in for Hiking, so we met at my place in the morning and left at 11:00am to some bright sunshine. I'd decided to to take my photo gear along, so we made regular stops for picture taking.

The goal was also clear: Hike from Mittweida to Talsperre (dam) Kriebstein, cross it and go back again on the other side of the reservoir. When we got close to the dam, we were sure to reach it within the next 20 minutes, but suddenly the path we'd used ended and a sign told us that we'd have to walk a 5km detour which would've l ...

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Published December 18th, 2011

I spent the weekend in Berlin once again. The main reason was a concert, but I also wanted to shoot some pictures. Therefor I spent some time at Leipzig Central Station and.. well this afternoon in Berlin. The weather was so shitty though, that I really couldn't do a whole lot, so I figured that it was time to try some street. This gives me some pictures to develop over the next few days.

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Where to take pictures ?

Published November 14th, 2011

Its a question that I often ask myself and recently an idea for an experiment grew in my head that I really want to try. The plan is, to go to 14 more or less randomly chosen cities on 14 weekends, but just for one night and taking pictures throughout the night beginning with dusk and ending with dawn. For cost and time reasons I'd probably only visit places in Germany, which would also have the advantage, that most places would be at lewast a little familiar. I think the outcome would be quite interesting, because there'd be some places on the list that I've never been to, some, that I've been to, but never seen at night, and some that I've been to so long ago that I basically can't connect with that visit anymore.

The basic idea behin the experiment is to figure out for myself where I can take the best pictures. The options are basically places, that I know well, places, that I used to be very often, but gotten disconnected and places that I barely or not at all know, but I think t ...

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Experimenting with Lenses

Published September 3rd, 2011

I love experimenting with lenses. As such I've already tried quite a few that I got for a bargain (usually you can even get rid of them for the same or more than you paid).

I'm really fond of my Sigma f=400mm/1:5,6 EF Lens I grabbed off ebay (its nearly as old as I am but its still a great lens), therefor I decided to give some even older stuff and non EF lenses a try.

Last week I felt adventurous then and got a Pentacon 50mm/1:1.8. Pentacon is an old GDR brand which was part of East Germanys VEB Carl Zeiss Jena. Even though they always had problems with resources and never really developed beyond what they had when Germany was split into two countries their lenses are remarkably good and the Pentacon is no exception there.

Long message short: If you stumble upon one of these you should give it a try - unless maybe when its a so called Zebra. Those lenses are often as cheap as an Adapter for your system - I paid 10 Euros for the lens and another 10 for the EF adapter. It doesn't fea ...

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