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500px updates

Published February 24th, 2012

Anyone like this? I can't find my friends photos any longer. The Flow is just annoying. If I view an image there is no easy to to cycle to the next image. Really not liking it. Or I am totally lost on how it works.

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Published November 14th, 2011

It has been a while since I have gotten out to do any photos (work issues) however I decided to document my cats. The image blow is of my cat "Tailless." Tailless is a mixed manx breed (she has a very short stubby tail) and is about as sweet as any cat can be.

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Raven Cliffs Falls

Published October 30th, 2011

I spent yesterday with the Cobb Photographic Society at Raven Cliffs Falls in North Georgia, Really good trip and if you can handle the trek, worth the 2-3 hours it takes to hike to the falls. Got so good, but not great, photos.

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Published October 28th, 2011

The great borg of the internet, Godaddy, has used me for a love child, AGAIN! I am done with them and their products. I will be moving all of my images to a new location very soon, and transferring my domains to a company that actually likes people.

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Published September 1st, 2011

Just back from several days in Savannah. I took some ok shots, but it was nice to get out again. Temps in the mid to high 30s Celcius.

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Been too long.

Published August 18th, 2011

You know you have been too long away from the camera when you pick it up and can't remember how to bracket shots. I worked on that most of last night and the D700 is refusing to budge.

The heat of summer and work have conspired to keep me out of the field and tied to a desk. More photos are coming, I promise. I have a WW2 reenactment shoot coming up, an equestrian event, and a trip to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. So more stuff will be posted.

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Butterfly Festival

Published July 23rd, 2011

I spent last Sunday taking photos of Butterflies. If you haven't done this, it is an exercise in patience. Butterflies "flit" from flower to flower, so you have to focus and shoot very quickly. I think it is probably one of the best exercises there is to learn to quickly focus, frame and shoot. Below are a few sample images of butterflies that sat still for a moment or two.

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