Kaiwan Shaban

Kaiwan, Born and raised in the city of Akre in Iraqi Kurdistan, Kaiwan Shaban is a 20 years old visual artist

Kaiwan started showing interest in photography at the age of 13 by capturing the landscape beauty of Northern Iraq. As he spent most of his teenage years working and saving money to buy photography equipment, he started his YouTube career in 2015.

On YouTube, he started publishing photography tutorials about photoshop and Lightroom. Soon later launched his official business online and on YouTube as K1 Production. Today, he has calculated over 200k subscribers and over 9.9 million views, making him one of the few creatives to reach such audience in his region.

Today, Kaiwan does not only produce still content but he has also ventured in the world of videography and filmmaking by producing travel, lifestyle, and commercial video content. He most certainly has a recognizable and unique style amongst creatives in his field of landscape, portrait, and digital art.

“For me, photography is a way to escape boredom. It certainly does give meaning to my life”