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Kale Taylor

Kale Taylor



Freelance Canadian photographer currently living in Asia. I am mainly interested in shooting street life and day-to-day activities using the medium format and 35mm film bodies. I process and develop my own black and white film and find the infinite changes you can make to processing film far more interesting than working in digital. When digital is what is called for, I am happy to shoot with the Canon 5DMarkII, but I believe the discipline of shooting film with prime, manual focus, lenses sharpens my eye in the digital viewfinder.
  • Canon 5DMII
  • Hasselblad 500 C
  • 35mm Minolta srT100x
  • Holga 120 GN
  • 80mm F2.8 Synchro Compur
  • several 35mm Rokkor primes
  • Sigma 105mm F2.8
  • Sigma 50mm F1.4
  • Sigma 70-200mm F2.8
  • Canon 24-70mm L F2.8
  • Sonnar 150mm F4

Missing my Film Gear

Published November 12th, 2011

Hey there,

Kale here, photographer (pro or exaggerated amateur is someone else's opinion) coming to you live from Singapore. Been here three nights now, with the family. That would be Mrs Kale Taylor and little 3-year old Spencer. A handful. To put it lightly.

Being a photographer who tries to turn a buck is never easy. Doing that with a child is even harder. In his book, 'The Moment it Clicks', Joe McNally speaks about the difficult balance between being a professional photographer and being a family man/father. Many times Joe lost precious moments of his family because work called. Though I am not in the same league as McNally, I can understand what he is talking about. The draw to head out a 5 in the morning to shoot FP4 in the Hasselblad or stay home and watch "Cars" for the 900th time is often times pulling in the opposite direction. Or maybe you have a client shoot that runs long and you don't come home when you thought you would and you feel the tension in the air because of i ...

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'Blog' Sounds Like Cursing

Published October 23rd, 2011

Hey. This is Kale. I'm a photographer, living in China. This is my first attempt at a blog. I take pictures, usually outdoors. I tend not to spend hours and hours in front of a computer, so the idea of a blog is somewhat new to me. Who is going to read this? Am I wasting my time? I could be out shooting with the Hasselblad or in the closet developing Efke 25 at N+4 and studying Ansel Adams', 'The Negative' at the same time. But no. I chose to spend this time typing away on the computer to an unknown and unseen audience who may or may not care at all what I have to say.

So what do I want to say? Hmmmm, good question. Well, this is 500px so I guess I should talk about pictures today. I love photography. I've loved taking pictures even before I knew what photography was. I remember using those cardboard cameras with 24 frames inside, where you shoot then take it to the pharmacy to get your pictures. I had no idea what I was doing. I thought that as long as I could see something then the ...

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