A bachelor’s degree in Zoology, a stint as a web designer, marriage and two lovely boys later, a usual fallout doesn’t yield a photographer. Yet, since my zoology days, the inherent urge to be one with nature had not subsided and the camera just became the medium. My initiation into photography was an outcome of a Sony point and shoot camera coupled with the spare time I had, post my boys started going to school. Then again, flowers in the garden or birds would be my subject of interest. Gradually, I matured in the field and started learning the nuances of framing, lighting etc from the internet and also through friends who were hobbyists in this field. The inevitable outcome was a DSLR over which I spent hours to learn to operate the gadget and clicked countless images. The final thrust which propelled me into this profession was an image of mine which got selected as ‘photo of the day’ on Nat Geo. I finally gained the confidence to showcase what I clicked and by this time photography had grown to be a serious passion. Subsequently, I did participate in a numerous competitions over the internet from which I earned substantial appreciation for my work.Inherently, I am drawn towards nature, landscapes and also people. I harbor the love of great outdoors and endeavor to convey the pulse of the place through an image. My ardent endeavor is that each frame should invoke an emotion from the viewer. However, it is through experience that I have realized that trying too hard to get a good frame takes the fun away from the exercise and leaves the images devoid of creativity. Another virtue which i have developed over the years is patience to wait for a frame and the correct light. At this juncture I must confess that I am fortunate to have been married to an Army Officer, with whom I have had the pleasure of travelling to numerous destinations in India, due to his frequent postings. It has indeed helped me in my photographic exploits. For the last six months I have been documenting Ladakh in its diversities over the change of seasons.
  • canon EOS rebel t2i
  • 50mm 1.8
  • 24 - 70 mm 2.8L USM
  • 10 - 20mm sigma
  • 24 - 105mm f4 L IS USM
  • manfrotto 190 pro fx b
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