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kamoon on the moon

kamoon on the moon



Achieving several exhibitions and photographic reportage on several topics Photography for me is a personal world , shooting to express the feelings that I inspire people , nature and generally the world around us and as artistic creation which is literary, musical , or pictorial based on needs to communicate what we feel. Our satisfaction and greater as the result is what we are trying to externalize is the need to release the aesthetic and emotional impulses that lurks within us . It has become my source of pleasure, intense joy , yet his has nothing to do with happiness, in life as in the photo that joy is a force that educates every sense , the photo made ​​myself available and vulnerable while healing me of my disappointment .. This joy and a creative and stimulating force . It guides the heart , the eye and the hand when I mutton of the shutter. With the acquisition of basic techniques , photography becomes a breeze. But actually seeing is more difficult and much more important, as discovered in a scene messages that escape other. This discovery in return allowed me to refine my vision even when I'm not photographing . it made ​​me appreciate the lines, shapes , harmony or disharmony of colors , rhythm and beauty. The juxtaposition of elements , pay attention to small details that make great detail .... it allowed me to create bonds of brotherhood and friendship huge , visiting places, telling stories , and discover the truth about some things while looking for my own inner peace.
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