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kamran kani

The seed of love for photography was planted when i was just eleven years old. I remember my dad showing me a gold colored camera, it was very small, had a few dials on top of it and it split right near the middle to show the little lens it had. My dad told me it was a spy camera, i of course believe anything my dad told me at that age. my family split not too long after that and i stayed with my mom and never saw my dad or the camera after that. Fast forward nine Years later i moved to Victoria BC Canada; and as a first generation immigrant it was hard finding friends or fun things to do; my life was sleep,work, eat and that cycle went on for a while. Then one Christmas my sister bought herself a beginners Digital SLR; she kept it for a bit brought it to parties and realized its to big for her need so she gave it to me. I took it out the next day; snapped some shots and i was in love. Not wanting to carry a beginner camera around i went and got my first Nikon pro level camera. I do not know why but it easily made sense to me the camera controls and their uses were like tuners on a radio or tv, only difference was that i was trying to tune the perfect photograph. Photography became my light in the dark, i found new friends, i saw the beauty that always was surrounding me and not to mention i got exercise out of it trying to look for my next shot. i have two days off from my real job which is in the health care field as a nurse, so i use those two for my hobby; first day i go out and look for the perfect place, see what the weather is like and what time does the sun get at the angle i want it to be; then on the second day i go and shoot. soon later i started posting pictures online, i loved sharing what i had and getting new ideas from others, so if you have anything you want to say to me or give me tips about a certain photo or what ever i would be more than happy to take you comments.

thanks for reading about me. By the way i found out what my dads camera was, a Minox IIIs.

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