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Karen Schmautz

Karen Schmautz



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A Little Light Painting Fun

Published July 18th, 2011

My family and I went to see Harry Potter over the weekend (who didn't?) It was a great movie and a fun time. My son brought home the souvenir 3d Harry Potter glasses. He removed the 3d part of the glasses and wore the glassless glasses around the rest of the day (you would think he was 10, not 18). At any rate, I became inspired and took him outside when it got dark to do a little magic light painting.

I had been wanting to try this type of photography out for a while but I wasn't inspired until I saw the movie. I used one long exposure (20 seconds), painting my son's face, arm and torso with my Xenon and then used a small LED to add light to the wand and the magic the wand is producing. I added a lens flare in post, but didn't really do too much else to it.

Good thing my family are all such good sports when it comes to playing along with me and my hare-brained photo projects.

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Lake Tahoe, CA

Published July 6th, 2011

I'm spending some time at my favorite place in the world...Lake Tahoe, CA. The weather is lovely and because there was such a late start to summer, the marshes are full and mosquito laden. The wildflowers are blooming and they just closed the last ski resorts over the 4th of July weekend.

I do have to go back down the hill today to my real life and finish up some wedding photos, do another engagement shoot and go to The Old Sugar Mill with my meetup group on Sunday to get some shots of a lovely old building. All that is fun and satisfying. Oh, but I long to be back up here at Tahoe.

So, when all that is done, back up I will come. Hopefully the mosquitoes will have abated a little and I can get out and shoot some more landscape shots.

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