Only the beginning

Published October 17th, 2011

First blog post here at 500px! Exciting. I love this network, lots of quality work and amazing people here. Will try and look at your works more from here on out and offer my support :)

The past month I've worked really hard on getting myself out of a somewhat dark place; I felt really low about my photography, felt I'd reached the end of the line and that everything I did was pointless. Not a good thing if you've given up one careerpath to become a professional photographer. The way is slow, but I need to remember that I'm making progress, I'm still growing. A kick in the butt was needed. I'm trying to be more outgoing & self-disciplined. I'm developing new projects in a more thoughtful manner so that the works I create will be ultimately more to my own satisfaction.

But most importantly I'm trying to have more fun with it. And to pick up my camera a lot more and just DO, just take photos.

I felt like things weren't moving fast enough, or at all, the past few years. Looking at e ...

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