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Kathy Pomerleau

Kathy Pomerleau



Photographer. 24. Life. Live. Learn. Grow. Music. Fashion. Dogs. Cars. Road trips. Travel. Cats. Sun. Coffee. French Canadian. Cities. Lights. Tea. Food. This is me. Always thinking and focusing on life.
  • Nikon D3000
  • Sigma 70-300mm, 1:4-5:6 D DL Macro Super
  • AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G
  • MacBook Pro 15"

a photo per day.

Published January 21st, 2014

Je veux documenter ma vie. Je veux le faire pour moi, pour les autres, pour tout le monde, pour personne. (À venir)

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Published January 9th, 2014

©2013 Kathy Pomerleau.

I've never took the time to share with you this shoot. An éditorial with the beautiful Raphaële. We shot it in November. So there you go!

Model: Raphaële Bérubé

Matane, Québec, Canada

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Published November 8th, 2013

For my portrait class, I chose to do a documentary on two hairdresser here in Matane.

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Published October 8th, 2013

This is a school project in my portrait class. We had to do fashion. I'm not a fashon gal, but I decided to do an editorial and it was more my cup of tea. I had a lot of fun to do this because I was working with two good friends of mine!

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Published August 30th, 2013

Last weekend, Matane (a town in the east part of Quebec) host a paracyclism event. It was a world cup and we had to do a homework for my photojournalism class. It was the first time I was photographing a sport event and I wasn't sure how my mind was around it. I actually liked it. It was a technical and a time challenge for me, but I think I did pretty good.

It was intense. These people are extremely courageous. It's unbelievable how much they achieved with their handicap. It makes you think how much useless it is to complain on our everyday life.

Here's a part of my work.

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