A different shot this time converted to B&W using DXO Filmpak.

Bay Bridge Night Series

Published February 8th, 2014

I enjoy travelling to the Bay Area and the Golden Gate almost always hogs my attention. This trip I decided to shoot the poor little sister, the Bay Bridge. The new lights make it an attractive image especially in the evening. For this trip I brought along my m 4/3 kit and my D800 with the new Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art Series lens. I hate to admit it but, the size and bulk of the D800 and gear has made changed my way of shooting FF. To me FF still is the winner in IQ but, if you aren't shooting the IQ differences don't matter. My compromise has been to bring the D800 and only one or two lenses unless I am travelling somewhere that is for photography only.

I was pleased with the images I got from this shoot. I feel the Olympus 12mm showed once again that it is one of the under appreciated lenses in the m 4/3 lineup ( the 60mm Macro is the other). Of course the 75mm 1.8 held up well but, that lens gets all the glory and my two cents worth is not important.

The D800 , Sigma 35mm combo perform ...

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