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My name is Ken Vensel and I am a professional Graphic Artist by trade, but for the past six years my passion has been the art of photography. I enjoy reading about it and talking with other photographers in order to continue my education in the field. Photography allows me to indulge three of my favorite pastimes; the companionship of fellow enthusiasts, the great outdoors, and creatively documenting special places and moments with my camera. I love to travel and you can always find me with my camera in hand while on vacation. I am also a photo retoucher with years of color correction and photo editing (Photoshop) experience. I upgraded to a Pentax K-7 from an istDL and now I have bought a used K-5II which has been a nice upgrade. Please do not use my photos without my permission.


  • Pentax K-7

Renton, WA, United States

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