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Alistair Dutton

Alistair Dutton



Whenever I'm not working the chances are I'll be out walking somewhere and that usually means I'll have my trusty Nikon with me. The challenge I enjoy is trying to communicate the beauty of what I see in a scene to the viewer whether that be wonderful light, a great looking tree, interesting lines or whatever. Consequently I use post-processing sparingly. I equate post-processing to make-up: you can apply make-up to add new beauty and colour or to subtly enhance what is already there - it is the latter that aim for (although I admire many shots that are closer to the former). Most of my shots are taken within walking distance of my home in the foot of The Mendips, here in the UK. I try and make the most of the few chances I get to explore elsewhere! As a self-taught, enthusiastic amateur, I am genuinely interested to hear constructive feedback whether positive or negative - I promise I won't cry (much)...
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