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Ken Lee

Ken Lee

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Photographer and student of the creative process. I make pictures. All kinds of pictures but mostly nature and travel pictures. I am passionate about making pjotographs but also the creative process that produces them. I've learned some secrets. Creativity is a muscle, the Photographer’s Eye can be learned. I enjoy helping others grow as photographers. I usually do this by taking small groups of people to amazing places and teaching them The Art of Seeing. You don't have to go to amazing places to learn to See, but it's more fun that way. Join me on one of my adventures! More info is available on my website:

Adventure Begins Where the Road Ends - Land Rov...

Published November 12th, 2012

This is my entry for the Land Rover Story Challenge. I think the meaning of my chosen mantra is pretty self explanatory but I also chose it because for me, the Land Rover brand has always symbolized adventure and the 'go anywhere' spirit. Growing up, I was hooked on nature documentaries and it seemed like every one had the same funny boxy car-truck in it (the term SVU hadn't been invented yet).Whether it was in the African bush or some remote jungle track, these vehicles often took an incredible pounding but just kept motoring along. I later found out the these vehicles were Land Rovers and they will forever represent adventure to me on road or off.

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Win a Limited Edition Print!

Published December 15th, 2011

If you're on 500px, you know just how hard it is coming up with great titles for your images. Well, I'm using a novel approach to solving this dilema - I 'crowdsource' my titles. Every month I hold a contest on my website,, to come up with a the perfect title for one of my images. The winner receives a limited edition print as well as having their entry immortalized as the official title of that month's image.

This month's contest has an added twist - the winner will receive their choice of any one of my limited edition prints. If you would like to try your luck, check out the Contest page on my site.

Good luck,


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