Kennet Björkman

IT-professional living in Stockholm. Long time amateur photographer with no ambitions to go beyond that. My favorite motives is kind of hard to define since it really doesn´t care as long as it is beautiful. Beauty is the goal and it can be found in so many ways, my wife, my sons, in Stockholms archipelago or in a strangers face. I really enjoy the craftsmanship that involves Photoshop, NIK software and various other tools in the after processing. I try to make my images look like the way I remember the moment. I often convert my images to black and white. Without color everything is about light and shapes.

I hope that you can see the love I feel for everything I photograph, Almost always when I take a photograph there are lots of feelings involved. It can be joy, happiness, horniness, amazement, wonder, sadness and affection. I try to use that feeling, catch it beautifulness and in the after processing create what I felt and experienced iin the moment I pressed the shutter. Thats all it is to it!