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Cotton Hollow

Published June 20th, 2012

A black and white series of portrait crossed with landscape. All images were taken at Cotton Hollow Nature Preserve in South Glastonbury CT

I have always loved the outdoors. So it was no shock that when I first got my hands on a camera I was instantly swept away by all the landscapes this world has to offer. Time passed and photography easily took root as the passion of my life. As a landscape photographer I capture and create a moment in time that can forever be gazed upon and cherished. Its the site I saw looking out into the ocean as my camera's shutter crunched down. Yet we often forget to remember the journey. Do you remember how we hiked to the top of that cliff and scraped out knees just get a higher angle on the waterfall? Just as countless photographers before me have probably already realized, these events can be just as interesting as the landscape itself. Man's interaction with nature is a new photographic fascination of mine. This is a series of photos I took of my girlfr ...

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