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Kevin Rodrigues

Kevin Rodrigues



18 Years old and still learning.

Cameras I own.

Published April 22nd, 2012

Description of all the cameras i own. I will keep adding too this story as time goes by.

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Published December 15th, 2011

Im sure most of you guys know this but, One of the biggest lies told these days is that more Megapixels = Better pictures. Camera shops will tell you that a 14mp camera will give you better images than a 10mp camera and entice you into buying the higher priced 14mp camera. More megapixels doesn’t mean better photos and as evidence to this statement the image you see here below is only 1.7 megapixels!

The time where megapixels become important is when you're going to print large size images or you're going to be blowing them up huge or even if you need to crop massively, and when i say large i mean as large as a billboard...

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