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Taking away features is wrong.

Published May 28th, 2012

500px has something amazing. Or had. I don't know if it's gone yet, but it's being smothered by poor choices. I was about to pay for an Awesome account in the beginning, but then ... the redesign happened.

The redisign was horrible (nothing wrong with the old design, by the way) at first, flow is stupid, and blogs (stories) were broken. I almost gave up on 500px that day. Now, the broken things are fixed and porn is handled much better, but flow remains the default view when I log in, which I still don't like. Less inclined to pay for Awesome, might pay for Plus.

Now they're taking away portfolios for everyone except Awesome level supporters. Taking away features. Really? Yep. Taking. Away. Features. Why so spiteful? Seriously, why.

We (users) would be better off if the owners treated 500px the way Yahoo treats Flickr - forgotten. 500px was awesome when it started, it was the best there is, a Flickr killer and then some ... it would be more successful if left alone.

Look, if you need to raise money to cover costs, offer new features, improvements, some reason for us to give you money. NEVER TAKE AWAY FEATURES. Premium features should be extra features worth paying for, not what's been taken from the poor and given to the rich.

Hmmm, am I more inclined to pay for an Awesome account now?

Look at these other examples, and tell me you're more inclined to pay after features are taken away.

Google around for the idea of removing features. You're find common advice: Remove features before you ship, because taking them away after will kill your product.


sad panda

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