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Kim Sellstedt

Kim Sellstedt



For the last 15 years I have been taking photographs on and off. I have never stopped obsessing about the language of images but the camera would just lie on a shelf for over half a year before I again felt the need to use it. For the last year I have moved over to moving images with the purchase of my Canon 70D but the feeling still images gives me have never left... It might be time again for another venture out into the world.

A new camera, a new night

Published November 21st, 2011

So I want back to the well for another shot at the museum. My new camera felt good and I did some long exposures. No mist sadly, but one of the shots came out good so here it is. The museum revisited.

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In the mist

Published October 25th, 2011

When I bought my first camera (a compact Olympus) I found the exposure dial and for a long while all I wanted to do was long exposure night shots. I fell in love with the magic landscape that only existed in my camera. And even more magical is a night shot in heavy mist. Mist is probably magical to some degree... for real.

I still love those night shots but I haven't come around to do it with my new camera yet. Might head out new week and skulk around with my tripod. The only thing I need now is some mist. Where is Harry Potter when you need him? He would know what to do.

The first image it taken way back in the days and the second one with my iphone.

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Hipstamatic or not?

Published October 25th, 2011

When I was picking what pictures should be added to the site I was faced with a choice. A choice I think many photographers, professionals and amateurs alike, are faced with when they start adding to a portfolio.

Should I add my heavy filtered hip camera phone app images or should I stick to "proper" photographs?

It's not a simple YES or NO answer for me. For one, the phone has made photography accessible in a new way. And with the added filters a more artsy photo appears instead of the usual flat and boring one you get using your phone.

But on the other hand with all the heavy filtering and framing it's more like a digital manipulation that a real photo. In the end I decided to hold the Hipstamatic images for the time being. Maybe to promote my DSLR instead of being lazy. More thought less from the hip. Below I have added two photos I took last sunday using an app called Hipstamatic. Looks great but who did all the work really?

What do you think?

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A rebirth perhaps?

Published October 24th, 2011

My camera has been on a shelf for too long. Stumbled upon 500px and fell in love with the design and the quality of the community. I felt like I needed to dust of the old friend and start look at the world through the view finder again.

I set a goal to take at least one good picture every month to get my head started.

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