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My Uncle Bob and his Stereo Camera

Published November 24th, 2012

I grew up never fully understanding how my Uncle Bob's stereo camera worked. His mysterious device with two lenses always seemed to capture our lives in the most surreal way. And now that I am a professional photographer, I appreciate his love for stereo photography.


The Past Becomes Present

Going through stereo camera photos my Uncle Bob took throughout his life. Today he passed away. He was always a jokester and I will miss his shenanigans. A stereo camera takes images onto stereo slides through two separate lenses on the same camera. When developed, you view the slides in a binocular device that illuminates both slides creating a 3D looking image. The man in this particular slide is my grandfather. He is standing in front of the grocery store building that he and his brother’s owned in the past and was about to be demolished. There is now a playground there. All of the images have a nostalgic and surreal feeling to them since they are in 3D. Seeing smoke from cigarettes and deceased family in 3D makes you feel like you are there and triggers so many emotional responses. More slides to come. RIP Uncle Bob and thank you for your passion you had for stereo photography.

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