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James Enriquez

James Enriquez



Photography hobbyist from Manila, Philippines. Attracted to the sea for some strange reason

Landscapes on a Compact Rig

Published February 13th, 2013

While looking for interesting images online, I came upon a video of English Photographer Charlie Waite rocking it out with a Lumix LX5. It’s a compact 10 megapixel camera with a micro 4/3’s sensor, non-interchangeable 24-85mm lens and with full manual controls. I was able to see some images from the video and they were nothing short of amazing.

Be that as it may, it’s Charlie Waite.

But what about the regular guys like us?

The question kept on popping in my head: Is it possible for one person to shoot landscapes using a compact camera? Could anybody tell the difference between an image taken with a compact camera and a DSLR when the images are printed?

So I did a little experiment. I bought a brand new Lumix LX5, coupled it with the following accessories:

- Lens Adapter from Lis of (so it will have a 52mm front thread)

- 52-77mm step up ring (you can get this anywhere in Manila)

- Benro Travel Angel II Tripod courtesy of Benro Phili ...

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