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During one of the many times photographing at the Feast of San Gennaro, I was testing to see what a panoramic camera would be like when shooting street scenes. It was convenient that I worked for a rental house that allowed us to test out rental equipment.

As panoramic cameras are rarely used for street shooting, i wasn't sure what I would come up with--but, I'm a street shooter.

In this particular image, I was making a relationship between the woman approaching (lighting her cigarette) and the person wearing the 'F_ckin Hardcore" jacket.

Since the camera has a pretty wide viewfinder, I notice that Bruce Gilden is walking into the frame from left and he's focused on someone or something. It all came together in a pretty interesting image (even with my hand in the lower left of the frame).

It always seemed gratuitous for me to show this shot since someone notable is in it. I've started realizing that as photographers, we shouldn't shy away from showing anything we're proud of.



Feast of San Gennaro Festival.
September, 2000 in NYC.

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Andrey Zolotukhin  over 5 years ago