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Street Photographer's Toolbox: Coach Procedure/ Wax On, Wax Off

Published August 16th, 2012


The coach process is bases on very simple learning principles. Call them Wax On, Wax Off.

You Wax On when you, for instance, learn from famous street photographers. Reading and looking in photo books are good examples of Wax On activities.

So are going to galleries. You have to familiarize yourself with what the masters have done. Copying them, or simply being inspired are good ways to go initially. Don’t neglect these ways.

There are several other resources within Waxing On. For instance, the resources that you will find in Street Photographer’s Toolbox. This site.

When you Wax On you pollster yourself with good and useful information and experiences. This is a very important step for securing progress.

You Wax Off when you start to put the new knowledge to use. Meaning grabbing you camera and go out the door to photograph. You are using some of the energies that the Wax On processes installed in you.

These two types of processes, Wax On, Wax Off, do not come one after the other. In real life they happen simultaneously.

The Wax On and the Wax Off activities are integrated in the coach flow below. The idea is, initially, to get the car shining.

During the process, however, you will discover that a shining car takes you nowhere, but it is a good start. What you will get is not only good photography but a brand new vision, as well.


The Coach Flow:

Here are the main ingredients in a coach flow. The candidate have to be accepted for the process to start. All coach flows will be vary individually, but here are the rouch guidelines.

1. Candidate links to his/her public portfolio for coach to have a look at.

Acceptance or non acceptance of candidate. Typical reasons for non acceptance is that the candidate is simply too good already, or don’t have a record within street photography. Meaning, he/she will have to show pictures within that area.

2. Load 8 – 10 images to a public site specified by coach.

This is to get an indication of how the candidate views his/her own work. Future coach sessions will basically be referring to these 8 – 10 images.

3. Wax On

The candidate have to identify several types of itching images done by famous street photographers, e.g. HCB and publizice the results. These are None Camera Sessions./NCS of which there will always be some.

4. Wax Off

The candidate has to produce at least three images that resolves a specific task initiated by the coach. There are so called Camera Sessions./CS. There will be plenty, but varying in number from person to person.

5. Evaluation

Evaluation will go on during the whole process which normally will last 3 months to give the candidate time to shoot. Evaluation will, by the way, go both ways. Coach will be evaluated by candidate, and vice versa.

6. Never Ending Story

It is recommended that Wax On, Wax Off goes on after the coach period, but with the candidate as his own coach. After all learning and executing is a life long process, but you have to make a commitment to yourself to stay on it.

Good luck with it.

Copenhagen August 16, 2012


The Commitment.

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