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Knut Skjærven

Knut Skjærven



All This site is part of a larger photographic project. So far it consists of a series of blogs, and a series of groups/social sites such as Facebook, Google+ and now also 5oo. Apart from posting pictures, I will also be active in the blog section. If you would like to follow that, you need to go there from time to time. There are much more about the project on the blogs. It is all about street photography, actually. And phenomenology. And general commitment to photography. If you are in for that sort if thing, I think that you will like this. Have a good day. I will be back with more soon. Copenhagen, January 10, 2012. ------------------------------ BLOGS: Barebones Communication (2007). Research results from all over. This blog started in November 2007 it the mother blog of all the other stuff below. It was not originally intended as a blog about photography, but is holds a lot of information about photography. Berlin Black And White (2010). A photographic blog for pictures only. It holds, at the moment, 477 images from Berlin shot over the last few years. Phenomenology And Photography (2010). (Description coming soon). FACEBOOK GROUPS: On Every Street ( 2011). Fast(est) growing group for street photography from all over. It started in May 2011, and today have 9 admins. If you are interested in street photography as an approach rather than a location, you should definitely become a member. Open group, that contains more them 20.000 images. Monitored. On Every 2nd Street (2011). Closed group consisting of 30 members only. By invitation. The Europeans (2011) Closed group started in November 2011. The aim is to make a large scale photographic profile of contemporary Europe. The project is long term. If you are in, or shoot in, Europe, please be welcomed to this group.
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The Workshop

Published December 30th, 2012



Yes, it will happen. But it will not happen very often. Maybe once a year with a limited number of participants. The first workshop will take place in Berlin from June 20 to June 23, 2013. Check out the Draft Program.

It is all about seeing. Yes it is.

The workshop will teach you what to look for in street photography and how to handle it. How you take pictures that make a difference. We call it Itching Images.

Welcome to The Workshop. If you want to go, you need to act now.

Send an email for more information and the price for the workshop. Use this address knut* (substitute the * for an @).

The original post:

About the photo: It is shot at Paris Bar, Berlin, July 22, 2012.

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Coach Session: Come Fly With Me / The Vision/ 01

Published August 31st, 2012


Here is the full text for the first task in Street Photograph's Toolbox that was launched two days ago.

Please visit the blog for further information. Here:

You should subscribe to that blog if you want to follow this process first hand.

Good luck with it. Have a good weekend :-).


COME FLY WITH ME / The Vision/

Coach Session 01, 2012

Once again welcome to Elisabeth and Stepanie.

I hope it is ok that I use your first names since we virtually will see quite a lot of each other in the weeks to come. Not all the time, but some of the time.

As I have suggested several times this toolbox, and the coach process in particular, is not only about taking pictures. We will also dwell upon things like creativity and project handling. So consider yourself being part of a project. Your very own photographic project. You are just about to start it.

Congr ...

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Street Photographer's Toolbox: Coach Procedure/...

Published August 16th, 2012


The coach process is bases on very simple learning principles. Call them Wax On, Wax Off.

You Wax On when you, for instance, learn from famous street photographers. Reading and looking in photo books are good examples of Wax On activities.

So are going to galleries. You have to familiarize yourself with what the masters have done. Copying them, or simply being inspired are good ways to go initially. Don’t neglect these ways.

There are several other resources within Waxing On. For instance, the resources that you will find in Street Photographer’s Toolbox. This site.

When you Wax On you pollster yourself with good and useful information and experiences. This is a very important step for securing progress.

You Wax Off when you start to put the new knowledge to use. Meaning grabbing you camera and go out the door to photograph. You are using some of the energies that the Wax On processes installed in you.

These two types of processes, Wax On, Wax Off, do not come one after the ...

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Street Photographer's Toolbox: Brief Encounter/...

Published August 16th, 2012

Session 12: Brief Encounter

Task Description:

Here is an easy one. Or so it seems. You are asked to take a picture that is structurally similar to Brief Encounter above.

I shot Brief Encounter in the large gardens surrounding Schloss Charlottenburg outside Berlin in May 2011. It is one of my favorites since it at once honour a demand of simplicity, different levels of content, and it adds a new idea to the situation unfolding.

Brief Encounter is handling the situation creatively in that it combines content that was never intended to be framed in a picture. The man in the background and the lady in the foreground were never intended to be in any sort of relationship, which they have been made to be in this shot. Nor were they ever intended at once to be separated and link by a virile fountain.

The shot has that open end that makes different interpretations very possible. Some of them suggesting quite a different sort of brief encounter.

Let’s have a closer look at the image. It h ...

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Street Photographer's Toolbox: Tandem Tantes / ...

Published August 8th, 2012

Task Description:

Here is an easy session that trains your photographic vision well.

Look for things that are similar. Like the two woman in the photo above.

I call the concept tandem tantes because “tante” is Scandinavian word for “aunt”. And I enjoy the rime. The important thing is not, by the way, the tantes but the tandem. An object that comes in two or even more numbers. Like on a tandem bike. I am sure that you have seen them.

What could be similar? What could be tandem?

Almost everything that you can think of can be tandem. Here are a few examples: I thin man who looks like a pole; a big woman who looks like a boat; an object that have the same colour or the same shape as another; a background that tandems a foreground; a foreground that tandems a background; a mother and a child who looks looks alike. You name it.

Look at the two women in the picture: Same body structure, same bodily position, same movement with their right hands, almost the same position with there ...

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