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Kol Tregaskes

Kol Tregaskes

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I'm a keen amateur photographer who would like to eventually combine photography with my other interests of travelling, cycling and pencil drawing. I currently work on projects in the telecoms industry but do make sure I take some time out for my photography. My main genres are landscapes, nature, animals, events and sport. Along with photography I also work in Photoshop; manipulating and tidying photos for myself and others. My photography has been used by various people and companies, such as a outside broadcasting firm, a major credit card/bank and one photo was in the running to be a Royal Mail stamp in the UK. I used to work in the computer games industry in various roles, I'm also into music, movies, sports like rugby, F1 and football, computer games, web development, art, tech and science, science-fiction and social networking services.
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