Kristy Photography

Traveler at heart

I was blessed by a childhood full of worldwide travels and this reflects on the extensive vision that I apply throughout my work. Having been touched by a wide variety of cultures and having experienced many of the multiple landscapes that nature has to offer, I was defined as a person, and undoubtedly as a photographer.

What it means to be an artist

The art of photography spans beyond the final image that is projected. I believe a photographer is first and foremost an artist that is on a mission. His mission is to make your mind and soul tend towards the saying that an image is worth a thousand words. I believe that a perfectly taken and displayed photograph will move you from within and can go as far as defining you as a person. Like drawing, painting and sculpting before it, photography is the visual art of the future, and I will thrive to always make you share the emotions attached to every single snapshot I take.

My professional background

A proud graduate with the Brandon Hom Award of Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts, I specialize in portrait, fashion, and children photography. Equipped with the latest technology and software, all my photographs are worked to perfection and the end result is always flawless. With Kristy Photography, everything is always picture-perfect.

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